Taste a bit of the company's history

REUS was established for the purposes of reinforcing the already large Oldenbourg Gruppe, and was launched between 1998 to 2000 as a concept in the minds of pioneers and visionaries. Oldenbourg was the dominant player in the printing industry in Germany at the time. Generations of the Oldenbourg family had built up this position and their sometimes archaic portraits adorned the foyer of the company's headquarters in the adjacent Heimstetten district of Munich for many years.

The former military complex in Bory in Pilsen offered a strategic location with regards to logistics following the realisation of this original plan. The objectives were to build a strong company that would further reinforce the dominant position of the Oldenbourg Gruppe in Europe and dominate the printing industry in the Czech Republic through superior capacities and technological equipment. Construction began on 1 January 2001 with the laying of the cornerstone, which today still decorates the company's reception area. REUS finally saw the light of day! It was more than just a project, for its day, it was a giant rising on the Bory fields.

Introducing news from REUS

Pilsen-based REUS s. r. o. has operated under various names and owners since 2001. Like its name, the company's activities have been refined over time. From printing and bookbinding, the company gradually specialised into personalisation, stitched and glued bindings and completion and distribution services.

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