InkJet personalisation

Confidentiality under strict control

Personalisation is our common future. Surely you have a client, employee database, or at least
a name list, and you are thinking of a meaningful way to handle this information? We will help you maintain, develop, but above all purposefully and effectively deliver information to specific individuals, for instance, just to send well-wishes, to put a smile on someone's face or to target
an advertising offer.

Read And Print

We use unique Read and Print technology for double-sided personalisation. Client's databases are verified and then optimised for mailing purposes. Printed materials are fully personalised using the text from the database and are marked with a QR code for quality control on the 1st page; after turning, the QR code is identified and personalisation is then enabled on the 2nd page. Everything is completed on a single pass through the machine with the ability to add perforation, creases and folds. The next step is possible completion or distribution, including posting.

Personalisation is more than just an address

Personalisation (Variable Data Printing - VDP) is more than just an address for distribution; instead, it can be anything that makes a product unique: from an image, EAN or QR code, to a variable numeric series, pictograms and combinations of the above. We most often deliver personalisation in high volume production runs in the hundreds of thousands of units, with multiple language and content variants. Printing is done on a finished magazine, catalogue, leaflet or simply on the wrapper for a magazine, which we personalise using an off-line database and then variably process. We use AMICA and RICOH UV-InkJet printing heads. At the beginning of 2020, we installed a new MCS Eagle 40 printing line with twice the printing speed, faster set-up times and Palamides output.

For lower volume production runs, XEROX and Canon digital machines are used for personalisation. Another variant is the option to use self-adhesive labels that may be applied directly onto a product
or the film in which a printed material is packaged. Another less popular variant is addressing directly on the film with a white contrast stripe. This is a lower quality option using obsolete technology.

Reliability in every step

For the purposes of processing address data, we handle such data as a processor and operate in full compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We are a long-term partner of DPAG (Deutsche Post AG), which has a permanent office at REUS' registered office. We process approximately 115 million addressed shipments a year. We concluded
a cooperation agreement with the Czech Post in 2019 and we will continue to gradually increase our output.

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