Inserts and film packaging

Selective packaging is another solution for additional variability

Packaging individual parts in film and the production of sets made up of various attachments and inserts accounts for approximately one quarter of our production. The basic objective is to ensure
the consistency of the sets themselves and to protect a specific product. Sets may include inserts into catalogue, or adding other materials in a specific order to a basic catalogue. An additional effect
on request is to attract attention with an effective advertising message using, for instance, a coloured film. We offer a variety of different films, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (BOPP) and recently more environmentally friendly films made of recycling organic content or compostable corn-based film (Maisfolie).

Independently or into sets

We offer a broad range of processing options within the area of inserting and packaging in film. We specify a technology to deploy based on the number and type of attachments and inserts. On our SITMA and RUBIN lines, we can use up to 8 dedicated stations. Our BUHRS packing line has
14 stations
, with controls that allow selective packing.

Most of the products that leave these lines are complete sets composed of a number of variants
of inserts and attachments, all (according to precisely defined variable order specifications) wrapped
in film. Sets may also be subsequently shrink wrapped. This involves warming in a heated tunnel
at a specific temperature to result in the controlled shrinking of the film.
This optimally secures
the contents inside and ensures clear legibility of both the address and any images.

Sorting means a better postage rate...

We processed 84.4 million different products on our packaging lines in 2019. More than 90% of these were personalised with postal sorting. This process is in high demand from clients given constantly rising postage costs. Thanks to the pre-sorting of various printed materials or their completion into bundles as required by the post office, they can achieve the best possible prices for sending shipments.

3D inserts - Pick And Place

In addition to other attachments and inserts, which include leaflets, response envelopes, prospectuses and other printed materials, thanks to Pick And Place technology, we are also able to insert 3D objects. This work often involves various flat packs of creams, shampoos and other samples that simply cannot be inserted into sets using standard loaders. Samples are picked from a stream and are secured to the primary catalogue using a fugitive (repeatedly removable) glue. Our technology allows the insertion of only one such attachment into a finished set.

Selective packaging in a set

An important role in processing packaged products is played by selective packaging for those clients who, given a large volume of production, want to variably reduce the number of components in sets to achieve cost savings. This technology uses personalised processing of individual sets.
The foundation is an address catalogue with additional identification, such as QR codes or a simple numeric code. The station then selectively inserts attachments based on these codes. As
the intermediate product passes through the packaging line, decision making processes are performed at the individual stations to determine when an attachment is inserted or not. The result is an original, personalised product per the exact specifications from the client's database for the specific recipient.

We're going organic

Are you supportive of an ecological approach? We're not indifferent to the environment either. This is why we are closely involved in testing with vendors and research centres on a broad range
of applications for environmentally-sensitive clear organic films made of recyclables and semi-transparent Maisfolie, a compostable, corn-based film. We believe that together we will make a small contribution to a healthier environment and life.

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