We know the shortcuts to get your product into the recipient's own hands

The last pieces of our puzzle are activities designed to ensure the receipt by a specific person. Giving shipping instructions to a forwarder is just the tip of the iceberg. At the very beginning of the process,
a variable product is described in detail technologically, for which a database of addresses must be optimised following valid postal directives in the destination country, and then physical shipment
to the destination. This means sorting addresses by postal codes and checking the allocation
of the product variants into bundles, pallets and trucks. The primary objective is to minimise the number of work operations that the destination post office has to perform and to thereby achieve significant postage cost savings for the client.

Just like at the post office

Our long-term experience means we are intimately familiar with the pitfalls and potential offered by postal services across Europe and we actively cooperation for example with Deutsche Post (DPAG), which has a working office here at our facility, and with Czech Post and France's La Poste. Ipoox, an optimisation specialist, is our advisor for general postal issues and changes to legislation and postal directives in individual countries
and alternative forwarding companies.

Data in a safe

Don't worry about breaches involving personal and confidential data, we are GDPR compliant. Data are protected in multiple ways. Personal data processing is a managed process. That process is regularly audited within internal audits as defined in guidelines and audits conducted by our clients via their authorised representatives for personal data protection or their DPO (Data Protection Officer). We are a certified partner of DPAG and France's La Poste.

To Europe and beyond

We make most of our 194.4 million shipments to Germany, France, Austria, Scandinavia and the Benelux countries. Around 6% are sent to other countries in Europe, including the Czech Republic, where we are striving to deploy as yet unused processes and technologies in a relatively short period of time. The services we offer can be used by anyone on local and global markets. The know-how and software we possess for preparing and processing addresses and for distribution allow us to achieve the best possible prices and delivery terms to ensure you always remain ahead of the competition.

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