Our services under the magnifying glass

Digital printing

With metallic toner, we can bring paper to life

This could currently be a synonym for dynamic development in print quality and the complexity of services with express deadlines. Six-colour printing on Xerox Iridesse (interchangeable inks with gold, silver, white
and glossy lacquer) is the first step in completing any printed materials, including personalisation and the production of brochures with variable content and numbers of pages completed on a stitching line.

InkJet personalisation

Confidentiality under strict control

Personalisation is our common future. Surely you have a client, employee database, or at least a name list, and you are thinking of a meaningful way to handle this information? We will help you maintain, develop, but above all purposefully and effectively deliver information to specific individuals, for instance, just to send well-wishes, to put a smile on someone's face or to target an advertising offer.


We dominate with speed and volume in the required quality

High volume binding with variable content and in extremely short deadlines is our bread and butter. Historically, we have focused on producing very large catalogues with low variability in printing runs in the millions. Today the number of pages per product has decreased dramatically, and the overall volume has been reduced into dozens of variants in the number of catalogues per bundle, and variations in terms of images, attachments and inserts. Demand for double-sided personalisation on envelopes, inserts and variant originality in the finished form of shipments is growing.

Inserts and film packaging

Selective packaging is another solution for additional variability

Packaging individual parts in film and the production of sets made up
of various attachments and inserts accounts for approximately one quarter of our production. The basic objective is to ensure the consistency of the sets themselves and to protect a specific product. Sets may include inserts into catalogue, or adding other materials in a specific order to a basic catalogue. An additional effect on request is to attract attention with an effective advertising message using, for instance, a coloured film. We offer a variety of different films, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (BOPP) and recently more environmentally friendly films made of recycling organic content or compostable corn-based film (Maisfolie).


We know the shortcuts to get your product into the recipient's own hands

The last pieces of our puzzle are activities designed to ensure the receipt by a specific person. Giving shipping instructions to a forwarder is just the tip of the iceberg. At the very beginning of the process, a variable product is described in detail technologically, for which a database of addresses must be optimised following valid postal directives in the destination country, and then physical shipment to the destination. This means sorting addressed by postal codes and checking the allocation of the product variant into bundles, pallets and trucks. The primary objective is to minimise the number of work operations that the destination post office has to perform and to thereby achieve significant postage cost savings for the client.

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