Book binding

We dominate with speed and volume
in the required quality

High volume binding with variable content and in extremely short deadlines is our bread and butter. Historically, we have focused on producing very large catalogues with low variability in printing runs
in the millions. Today, the number of pages per product has decreased dramatically, and the overall volume has been reduced into dozens of variants in the number of catalogues per bundle, and variations in terms of images, attachments and inserts. Demand for double-sided personalisation
on envelopes, inserts and variant originality in the finished form of shipments is growing.

V1 stitched binding

V1 stitched binding on the FERRAG line with 6 stations can reach a speed of 30,000 bindings per hour. A completely new V1 line PRIMERA MC14 supplied by Müller Martini with 4+2 stations is currently
in operation. Given the minimum of set-up time needed, this machine can reach speeds of up to 13,000 units per hour. (22,000 per hour in a double-production of mini format of 63 x 86 mm) and with output variability for additional processing and distribution.

V2 glued binding

V2 glued binding on the Kolbus line with 6 stations can reach a speed of up to 18,000 units per hour. Another 2 lines with up to 45 stations for components and attachments allow the production
of catalogues with blocks up to 65 mm thick. Extreme production runs of more than a million units are not out of the ordinary.

We're the only processor to produce components in a string ("stacks") delivered from rotary printers. This increases the work productivity four times when loading components into machines and minimises potential interchanges between them. From sheet-fed printers, folded folders come loose on a pallet
or as flat sheets for subsequent folding.

We offer more

We also have the ability on all lines to glue cards in position, to insert brochures and CDs, as well
as perform on-line personalisation right on catalogues.
Currently, a large share of production is finalised with postal sorting, where strapped sets are produced for postal distribution.

Our technological icings on the cake include:

  • type V2 glued bindings in double-production with reverse order of pages
  • gluing of small desktop calendars up to 60 mm thick with a cardboard backing
  • gluing 3D products and plastic cards

Other technological variants of processing also exist. We are ready to work with you to identify the optimum solution.

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