Digital printing

With metallic toner, we can bring paper to life

This could currently be a synonym for dynamic development in print quality and the complexity
of services in express deadlines. Six-colour printing on Xerox Iridesse (interchangeable inks with gold, silver, white and glossy lacquer) is the first step in completing any printed materials, including personalisation and the production of brochures with variable content and numbers of pages completed on a stitching line.

The Digital Printing Department was originally established for Reus' internal needs. There was a need for the immediate delivery of leaflets and brochures for sampling or reprints in the high volume production of various items in different language and content variants for foreign companies distributed to individuals across Europe. Investments into quality printing equipment, including lines for stitched and glued bindings, folding and cutting enable us to offer our services on the Czech market as well.

Self-mailer with no envelope

We have unique technologies and a way to promote you using a new format that is different from a standard catalogue. A convenient, envelope-free solution is provided by self-mailers, which are personalised prospectuses, folded in a variety of ways, and distributed by post in optional formats. Our Digital Printing Department is sure to find the right solution for your promotional needs. We offer consulting services covering graphics, the preparation of print data and database processing.

Selective stitching

One unique and complex process is customised stitched bindings (V1) on our DUPLO 600i line. Using a database, fully variable printing is completed for all partial elements (text and graphics). Every print sheet is marked with a bar code to facilitate flawless identification and completion. The resulting original brochures are fully personalised across the entire structure of the product with defined changes in content, number of pages and recipients. Processing is conducted in a continuous manner.

Unique equipment

Glued bindings (V2) completed on BOURG equipment with an online connected three-way cutter allows the gluing of 2 pages to each other and the completion of very thin brochures of down to 0.5 mm. The maximum binding width is 60 mm.

Our other equipment:

  • Automatic DUPLO DC 646 machine for perforation, creasing, folding and cutting print sheets
  • VEGA 530 laminator
  • InkJet printer for envelopes

The spectrum of potential printed materials includes:

  • Printing on black (dark) paper, on clear film and tracing paper in white / gold / silver
  • Continuous score card production with perforation, creasing, folding and cutting
  • Data optimisation for OP shipments
  • Personalisation combined with 4/4 printing in formats up to 330 x 488 mm
  • 4/4 printing up to 730 mm
  • Twin wire calendars

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