The MCS Eagle 40 InkJet


Get to know our latest addition for variable UV printing. MCS Eagle 40 is indisputably our strongest weapon and it easily handles the VDP work of two. Its performance and stability have moved us into a higher dimension of print speed and quality.

Innovative VDP solutions

We have seen a definite increase in demand for personalised products in recent years. In an effort to strengthen the group of powerful lines for variable printing, a UV InkJet was also included in the process of innovative solutions.

Given our past experience, we decided to find a new partner who could meet our existing and more demanding requirements not only for print quality, but especially for its stability and speed. profi.tec took up this challenge and made an offer including an industrial, high-speed solution sourced from MCS. In cooperation with POPP Maschinenbau and Witt Falztechnik, the result was a concept that exceeded our expectations. This robust and fast system meets all the current needs of our portfolio. The line is a combination of a HEIDELBERG folding machine with an MCS Eagle40 printing system on a structural base sourced from POPP.

Our strongest player in the field

Three pillars to performance and stability

The fully electronic and adjustable HEIDELBERG pocket folding machine eliminates unnecessary delays when switching between individual orders. The average adjustment time was reduced by more than 75% (compared to mechanical adjustment) thanks to automation and overall organisation.

The stable design of the structural base from POPP provides an easy flow of in-process goods. The high and fully automatically regulated suction power keeps the paper running at even the highest permitted speed without the need for steel compression straps.

Total output is 35,000 units per hour.

The actual UV ink MCS Eagle40 printing system is among the fastest systems offered by MCS and provides stable output at speed of up to 150 m/min. depending on the selected resolution. Expressed in terms of the throughput of A4 sheets by height, the output is 35,000 units per hour. Sophisticated control elements, a simple control system and a precise inspection system add the required level of stability to the entire system.

This new concept for variable printing is indisputably our strongest weapon. It has the potential to take on the role of two players in the field. Its deployment is enormous. We believe that it will meet your expectations as well.