At REUS, they know that personalisation is more than just an address


Pilsen-based REUS s. r. o. has operated under various names and owners since 2001. Like its name, the company's activities have been refined over time. From printing and bookbinding, the company gradually specialised into personalisation, stitched and glued bindings and completion and distribution services.

Most companies are afraid when they hear the word personalisation, but Reus is setting out to change that as quickly as possible.

The company largely gained experience on the German market and this has enabled it to build out its position as the largest supplier of post-printing and forwarding services in Europe. Here are a few figures as proof. Reus with its 145 permanent employees managed to process a total of 98.2 million V1 bindings, 93.4 million V2 bindings, 82.4 million packed products and 174.7 million personalised, postal-sorted shipments in 2019.

Personalisation is the company's key activity in which it sees its future
with Czech customers as well. "Today, companies have huge potential because they have enough data about their customers, which they have been collecting for many years through loyalty programs and similar marketing activities. Unfortunately, many companies simply do not know how to work with this data properly. Information must be divided into various sections, and above all, working with this data must be directed towards achieving company goals," explained Jaroslav Halva, Management Systems Manager at Reus. The part that is usually the most difficult for companies is exploiting this data for marketing purposes. Reus can help with consulting services.

Stanislav Šorm, Sales Manager at Reus, mentions: "Most companies want to keep communicating with customers using printed materials. We provide the personalisation and distribution and direct the client in the right direction. Today, many companies inefficiently spend a lot of money on unaddressed materials and have no idea whether printed matter such as a catalogue will get on the right table or in the right hands. The goal of personalised printed materials is to get the right person to view them, work with them further, and ideally make a purchase. We will help clients find the right path and show them how to achieve it."

Unique specialities in the Czech Republic

At Reus, you can personalise printed materials in practically any way you can think. From the address, through the visual of an envelope, to individualisation of content, attachments in the form of other printed materials, unique vouchers, check books, 3D inserts, to EAN codes, QR codes, variable number series, etc. And you can personalise the finished product such as various catalogues, brochures or leaflets or you can have interesting products processed digitally by Reus.

Reus owns a number of technologies configured to make specialities that are unique in the Czech Republic. One example is the envelope-free self-mailer, which can be personalised, folded in a variety of ways and distributed by post in a range of optional formats. In simple terms, this is a leaflet that itself is an envelope and that is able to effectively inform the customer and to guide them right where you need them. This provides savings in terms of envelopes and the distribution of leaflets using a carpet-bombing type method.

A similar unique service is selective V1 stitched binding where original brochures are personalised throughout the entire structure of the product, from content to the number of pages, using variable printing of all partial elements thanks to barcodes.

Within its personalisation services, Reus possesses unique Read and Print technology for double-sided personalisation in a single pass, including optical quality control. The line for glued bindings with an online three-way cutter is certainly an interested and out-of-the-ordinary option for digital printing as it facilitates the gluing of as little as 2 pages together to create an extra thin V2 brochure that is as little as 0.5 mm thick.

More environmentally conscious customers are sure to appreciate the ability to pack shipments in films made of recycled organic content or Maisfolie which is a compostable corn-based film. Reus also offers coloured films that may be printed with advertising and which may increase the customer's interest in your product.

The goal of personalised printed materials is to get the right person to view them, work with them further, and ideally make a purchase. Reus can help you find the right path.

Under one roof, Reus is ready to process anything from small to large printing volumes. Simply provide them with a printing folder, print sheet or finished product and they will personalise, complete and distribute them under very attractive conditions. In the following articles, you will learn how Reus can help marketing agencies, for example, make more efficient use of databases, or show companies and printing houses variable technologies in bookbinding with subsequent distribution. For more news, visit

Source: GRAFIE.CZ / Noviny pro grafický průmysl
Edition: 19/03/2020
Author: PAC