Safety measures

Information for carriers

To reduce the risk of SARS-coV-2 coronavirus transmission to warehouse and logistics personnel, we have introduced the following measures:

  • Place announce all pick-ups by calling:
    +420-377 679 309 or +420-377 679 329
  • Please announce all deliveries by calling:
    +420-377 679 311
  • Between the hours of 4 pm and 7 am, please call:
    +420-377 679 332

  • Before calling, please have the following ready: loading code / name of the product / name of the printer from where you are transporting the product,
    registration numbers for the truck and trailer, and phone number.
  • After you call, you will receive a dock numberfor loading / unloading.
  • Nothing must interfere with loading, no railings, straps or other items.
  • Do not go to the loading / unloading area! Please limit your use of the Reus premises to a minimum.
  • Only leave the dock once you are asked to depart over the phone.

  • Loading documents will be placed on the last pallet.
    Please place the signed CMR "for us" (colour coded) in the box located at the entrance to the offices.
  • Unloading documents will be placed in the vehicle.
  • Returning empty pallets will be performed in transit or at dock 5.
  • If you receive a call from a "private or hidden number", we are calling from our company number.

Thank you!
The REUS logistics team.